WIP Sep-Oct 07 Hats in the making.

I will be sharing with you some of my ideas, some of my Works In Progress, some being knitted, some being crochet. I thank you for allowing me to share my projects with you in your home. Stay t8une and thanks for stoping by.


Judith said…
Hey, Andy. I am enjoying your videos very much. I had never seen a yarn guide like the one you showed the other day, but now that I know about it I added one to my wishlist at Knitpicks (or was it elann?) I am not good working with different colors maybe this will help.

Thanks for your videos.
KnitXcorE said…
lovin' the videos andy!!!! it's nice to have a break when reading tons of blogs!
naomi said…
I have to agree, the videos are great ! I enjoy seeing you model your finished work.
Thanks for inviting us into your home.

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