Monday, September 10, 2007

Felting a Case for Hogwarts Precious Items

I wish the yarn look this nice as in the picture, but it is more like a beige. I got this yarn from an exchange and I wanted to make something nice with it. SO I am making the felted Knitting needles case for my Precious Harry Potter Stuff . I am a fan of Harry Potter and I guess is the fact that I like that kind of schooling, of having halls and chambers, and mysterious places. It reminds me somewhat of my schooling where they were very strict rules and uniforms were checked on a daily basis. Your socks were checked to see if they were the right color, the hem of the girls' skirts should touch the floor, when crouching, squatting down. Lovely days from school lol!

Going back to the yarn It is Skye Tweed, It is in the motions of being felted and it does not felt like Lamb's Pride. Lamb's Pride felts very wonderfully I tell you is makes such a difference when you use a nice yarn that felts for a felting project right! lol! It came from a smoker's house, and please don''t get me wrong, I am grateful for the yarn, it is just that I think the nicotine alters the way the yarn responds to things and it took about a month of being outside to get the smell of cigarettes out. Tio think that I used to smoke and now I don't like the smell of it in things.

Lamb's Pride , there is a yarn that felts wonderfully. I am making this one a bit different than the pattern that I got from Berroco. You can find the pattern here Berroco Felted Kable Case. It is a very nice pattern, you need to be a member to have access to the pattern.


naomi said...

I can't wait to see the finished case.
As for the felting, every wool that I've used felts differently. But I have noticed that darker colors seem to felt better.

Anonymous said...

LOL, how funny, I'm knitting a sweater with skye tweed now!!!! IT's great. I bet it felts wonderfully!!!!

BEESTLYproducts said...

i adore lamb's pride, not only for the tremendous feltasticness, but the delicous colors.

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