Friday, August 03, 2007

Knit 1, Knit 1 under, Bee Stitch

Before we Can ride a bicycle or learn to walk we need to crawl first. Personally I like to go and jump into the bicycle without having to deal with the steps. But I understand the fact that I will be missing the steps to really understand the craft of knitting. I find that making dishcloths is a great way of learning stitches, because cotton is very tough and forgiving. Dishcloths are a great way of learning a stitch, or even practicing, you can also call the square a sampler square and use it for a dishcloth lol! There is a pttern HERE. Is not the one I am using, but the idea is the same.

Going along this book I am making the first dishcloth, mind you I recycled the yarn from a previous dishcloth that someone crocheted for me. I am also reading "Knitting Without Tears" and have started Chapter two. It is an easy read, but I am taking it slow so that I can understand everything she is saying. She has a very cool idea to treat the garment as real fabric. In my opinion is what it is. I will start the second Chapter, titled "Gauge" today and see what I get. It is a great book so far and has put my more at ease with my knitting than what I expected it to.

So here you have the Knit stitch, just like a regular knit stitch and the picture that follows will show you the Knit Under stitch.

This stitch is made by sliding the needle under the loop of the stitch below, making and knitting, the allowing the stitch on the left needle (in my case as I am right handed) to completely fall. You the have the look of the picture below. This stitch is called the "Bee Stitch" as it has the look of a honey comb I guess. Needless to say I am excited about being able to make different stitches in Knitting. I am pretty good at crocheting, but knitting is more difficult for me.

By chance you can see the regular knit stitch here in yellow. The point of the needle and the point of the pencil are pointing toward the dropped stitches in here, they alternate. The stitch is in fuchsia pink color and it looks very different as you can see by the picture above. My adventures in knitting for the day, I will be crocheting during the weekend, but not today, thanks for stopping by.

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Jaye said...

It's great learning something new, isn't it?

Your stitches look great, Andy! Knitting Under...that's interesting, I think I unintentionally do that every so often. LOL!

Great pictures, very helpful.

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