Friday, July 06, 2007

A Man that knits

I guess it is all for the fun of having a great sweater, pair of socks, scarf , skull cap and if you have made it, it is all that counts. I have made at least four or five sweaters in my life. Three of them have been knitted, two crocheted . There was one cabled that was the talk of town. I was very proud of that sweater. Now in my old age I have decided to revive my knitting along with my crocheting.
I just went to my LYS ImagiKnit (visit their website at and bought these three books. There is so much for women out there, but not enough for men.
who like to knit for themselves , I think the same happens in crochet. I know one of the authors of one of the books and I like to sponsor designers I know like Drew. He is co-author of the "Men who Knit and the Dogs who Love them".

These are the Books:

Men in Knits would be a good volume for men who like to knit for themselves
ISBN-13: 978-1-931499-23-1

Men in Knits Tara Jon Manning is another great book that if you casually flip the pages, you can see it has a lot of Cable Sweaters, Vests for the boys and the men in your life and that includes you the Man who Knits.. There is something for everyone and the cables I was looking for Woohoo! Is that a word? lol!.

Never Knit Your Man a Sweater (Unless You've Got the Ring)
Refreshing batch of projects for brothers and fathers, too!,
ISBN 13: 978-1-58017-464-0

This book by Judith Durant this book has everything, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, cardigans, mittens. It has 22 handsome projects for every level of commitment. What does that mean lol! I think the book is nice, different and a good addition to my small library

Men who knit and the dogs who love them
ISBN -13: 978-1-57990-874-4

Flipping through the pages more than casually I was able to see how much detail and care Drew and Annie, the co-Author, took for this book. It has a nice variety of patterns for you and your pooch or the man in your life.

All these books are great for the projects that I am planning on making. I have my Christmas presents on queue with these three books. I want to get rid of my yarn stash so that I can buy something different, something nicer in the yarn department. Thanks for stopping by and come back later, there is more to tell.

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naomi said...

Somebody is going to be very lucky to get a sweater from you for Christmas !

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