Saturday, July 28, 2007

Make Your Own Yarn Organizer

A yarn organizer is something that all crafters need and desire. Whether you are doing Fair Isle knitting , or any color stranding project in either craft of crochet or knitting. If you need more than one color to make your project you want your yarn to stay in place and not rolling around the floor.

Instead of buying a pre made Yarn Organizer I came up with this idea for a homemade organizer. I bought a set of two 8qt containers with lids .

You may notice that I made five holes through the lid. I used a big screw of about 1/4 inch in diameter or more to go through the lid to make the holes. You may use 00 sand paper and a pencil to soften the holes and make the circumference smooth so the yarn does not snag. It is not perfect , but with care and patience you can have your own homemade Yarn Organizer. I guess any Tupperware or pitcher container will be good as well, but if you are looking for something bigger the you either buy something on the store or make your own. This gives me the ability of having 5 skeins of yarn on a particular project going at the same time. Inexpensive and very practical.

A little bit of Crafty Andy ingenuity and my yarns are all in one place.

 July 18-2013  I am adding a suggestin from a fan about how to make this organizer  with holes in a different way Thank You Lisa for the great Suggestion!.
Hi Andy,
Just a quick note to say that....I like to see men enjoying hand work of all kinds, including knit & crochet..
Also.....I like your home made yarn organizer, but why did you work so hard using screws to make the holes??
The hot tip of an unloaded glue gun would do the trick very quickly and....the hole sizes would be adjustable.
I also tend to save the empty oatmeal containers....and I use the glue gun tip to put the holes in the plastic lids.  *S*
I looked to see if I could post this suggestion on your blog, but....I saw no way to add a comment.
SF Bay Area Native now ExPatriot....currently enjoying the Columbia River Gorge are of WA and OR"

Thanks for stopping by


naomi said...

Great idea Andy ! Thanks for sharing it.

LadyLinoleum said...

This is flippin' brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Use a hot nail or insert plastic bushings and glue into place to eliminate rough edges that can snag yarn.

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