Friday, July 20, 2007

Cable Cycle One, Some Merino Thoughts

Well so far I have made this progress. I will do a lot more later on today. The weekend will be another story, maybe I will take Saturday off from knitting and dedicate it to crochet. This picture is the close up of the cable and you can see how it is forming. The last row is number 22 and now there is a repeat of 12 Rows until it reaches around 27 " in length. ROW 22 I have section markers, when a pattern is complex it helps to use markers as you can easily forget where you are. You can see how it is already taking the shape of the cables. I am really looking forward to doing some more work tonight and allow the work to rest. There is something fascinating about cables, and Celtic braids for that matter. I am hoping to make a cable scarf and a cable hat. I have borrowed the pattern from the Irish Hiking Scarf Knit Along. But I saw some very nifty patterns at a new place that I discovered, or rather visited. The place is Knit Picks and boy do they have great stuff. I bought some of their patterns and I saw where I can get my merino wool for my favorite sweaters. They have a great feature on the pattern that calculates the yarn choices in skeins. I thought it was ingenious. If you want to make a scar and a hat, then I recommend to add 3 more skeins to your order.

Today I saw the Berroco Fall/Winter Catalog preview and they have some great Merino Wool as well. I will have to confess that I am a Merino Wool Addict .

Alan Dart's Perfect Pups Westie in his smart coat. Height approx. 31cm (12in). Knitted in Snowflake Chunky/Bonus Toytime DK yarn.

Well I am hoping someone will knit me a puppy! Thanks for stopping by!


naomi said...

The sweater is looking fantastic !

Deneen said...

The sweater looks great-

I *heart* knit picks for their selection, quality and not breaking my wallet.

The puppy is cute!

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