Thursday, July 12, 2007

2007 Recycled Afghan sewn together

As you have been following the frogging story of the Recycled Afghan, here us the Original Picture , you can see how different it was from what it is becoming. I have been knitting this time and the crocheted afghan is no more. You don't believe me, well check the 2007 Recycled Afghan left over yarn and you will be amazed, I certainly was at how much work it is to do this frogging for the sake of recycling.

Nevertheless I did my task and now I have finished the knitted part of the afghan, now it needs assembling. My favorite way of assembling any kind of knitting project is usually crocheting it he tow parts together. You take a loop from one side and then the other as the picture above shows and you do a single crochet. In my opinion it looks very professional and well finished. One drawback is if you skipped a row, lol!, it would not be very even. I made sure I was not in a hurry, and that I was undisturbed while I was doing my work, I got my counter, by hand and mechanical as well.

Well the border is what I am working on now. I am using crochet stitches to make the border and I like the way it looks. It shall be finished soon. Finishing a knitted afghan with a crochet border is a great idea, because it gives it a very solid look. Well don't forget I will be back soon with the before and after pictures of the Afghan that was, and is not , but is once more!
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Deneen said...

Good for you-I can't wait to see it completed.

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