Monday, July 02, 2007

2007 4th Of July Patriotic Cheesecake

if you click on the linked name you will go to where I got this recipe . I altered the recipe to my needs and my likes so I have suggestions for you.

The first step is like a regular cheesecake , but instead of having the regular dough, you use phyllo dough , it was a very nice cheesecake to make, I used organic blueberries and I also used organic strawberries to make strawberry jam instead of jelly, which I have never made before, I used Sure Jell no Sugar needed. SURE-JELL®, SURE-JELL® For Less or No-Sugar Needed Recipes, SURE-JELL® No Cook Jam Pectin, MCP® Pectin (only available on the West Coast).
Organic food? You bet, but even if it was not organic , I get very tired of reading labels trying to look for a product that does not have High fructose Corn Syrup and since most products do contain these sugars, I end up making the stuff myself with no sugar added or almost no sugar at all. Believe me you need to retrain your palate as things do not taste the same once you are accustomed to that highly sugary item in your food.

Organic Homemade Strawberry Jam lower left, Organic Whipped Cream, Organic blueberries at center and in the cheesecake made with a mixture of 226 grams of Mascarpone Cream Cheese and 226 grams of Neufch√Ętel Cream Cheese instead of regular cream cheese, and two organic free range eggs. Half a stick of unsalted butter to put between the phyllo layers. Think texture , flavor, texture, great ingredients. I will tell you that I try to buy as much organic food as possible, sometimes is possible, sometimes is expensive, but sometimes is needed. Support your local organic farmer once in a while and see what a difference it makes in your life and theirs. I won't drink raw milk because of my medical condition, but I do buy Organic milk and try to support the organic movement.

Here you have two views of the finished Patriotic Cheesecake!
Thanks for stopping by and I will tell you later how it tasted, but I can tell you this much, all my cheesecakes are great tasting. Come back soon I will have pictures of the Tote bag That I received and the One That I am making.

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Deneen said...

Yummy! That looks fantastic.

We've been trying to go organic/healthy here also-we have a few organic farm stands (summer only) and have been buying all our produce locally-you know I live in the "Blueberry Capital of the US" don't ya?

Have a wonderful holiday!

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