Saturday, June 02, 2007

It's all in the Ears, a Bear View

So here you have the the view of the Bear's Head. The picture on the left side shows you the 18 mm animal nose, before it is put together. As I hold the head you have two views of the head.

I really enjoy making these stuffed animals. This is Bear number One, there will be a second bear, but with a different pattern and material. I think that I will create my own pattern in the next month or two as I see what it is that I am missing from each pattern that I have encountered so far. All these patterns, that I have seen, do not have the ears that I am showing here. These ears are made by creating 2 pairs of ears. (Four in Total) The dark color pair of ears (Any Appropriate Contrasting Color will do) uses the same pattern as the regular colored ears, minus one row. By the same token you can add a row to the pattern with one extra stitch at the beginning and at the end of such row. It all depends how big you want the ears. the trick is to have the inner portion of the ear to be smaller, so that it is easy for you to sew and give it a more natural look.

I will keep on working on this model and will have pictures for you next week. This bear will be finished by next weekend and you will be greeted with a great picture of this model. I am thinking about what kind of show will Madison do for you. I will also be working on a Tote bag for a Tote bag exchange and I will have pictures of the process as well. Thanks for stopping by.

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naomi said...

He's looking really cute ! I can't wait to see the finished bear and what sort of show Madison will do !(lol)

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