Sunday, May 13, 2007

Recycling an Afghan in 2007

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers that visit my blog.

I know I have not been very active. My mind has been busy creating what my hands have not been doing. This afghan is made in tc crochet and it is made with some kind of very thick yarn that has some mohair in it. The yarn is very soft and has a look of rasta-like yarn . Expensive this project was , I spent about $200.00 in materials alone. There is no way that I am going to throw it away, when I get bored with it.

This afghan was made around March 2004, and now in May 2007 is being frogged and will be remade into a different afghan. I will be making it as a knit afghan. I will like to request the opinion of the guys and gals that stop by. I need your ideas as to pattern suggestions, wether they be knit or crochet.

This afghan is great but I do believe that the material is better for single crochet or for knitting. Talking about knitting is certainly a great ideal as I can make panels. Just knowing that I will need 1/3 less yarn that crocheting guarantees the fact that I will have more than enough yarn for my new project.

It will be something new and somthing old, the mysteries of craftmanship. Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

My suggestion is a log cabin design. That way you can take into account for the smaller balls of yarn.

Deneen said...

I agree with Wendy about the Log Cabin design. I love the colors.

Crafty Andy said...

Interesting suggestion I will look into it.

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