Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May Crochet Bear

Hey There! Did you think that I had dissappeared? I have been very busy in many projects, some of them in knitting and some in crocheting. Talking about Crochet, I have started to make this jointed bear. I am using a Pattern I bought from http://gourmetcrochet.com , the direct link to the particular pattern is http://www.gourmetcrochet.com/index_files/Page5354.htm . I am making some modifications to the pattern on my own as I am learning to use different things. Is neither good nor bad, it is just different. So here we go to the start of the Madison Jointed stuffed Teddy Bear.
I am also testing this new software I got to manipulate graphics in Vista. As always some programs do not work any more and some work with limited capabilities. I hope you enjoy my journey in constructing a Jointed Stuffed Bear.
Thanks for stopping by.

1 comment:

naomi said...

I can't wait to see the finished product !

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