Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Three Kings a Christmas Hat And 2007

Here you see the three Kings pointing to the Star. I am never idle and at this time I am very busy getting ready for other projects that I have.

Here you have my latest hat. It is a combination of Merino wool and acrylic. It's an original design as I make all my hats that way. It is single crochet all around and I used 6 bobbins of the green to make it easy to crochet. Sometimes when you carry the yarn around it does not look nice.

I am doing the brim in a Front Post Double Crochet all around with the red and the white. I am always amazed at the shape that hats take when you improvise and decide to do something different. My next projects are going to be crocheted and knitted socks and some knitted cabled scarfs.

Thanks for stopping by.


naomi said...

Andy, I love the hat ! Your designs are really great !

Jaye said...

Love the hat, Andy! I have to say, I'm quite a bit envious of those who can design and have things turn out well because I've tried and well, it's usually a disaster, hehe.

Thanks for the email the other day, I was worried and it's so great to see updates from you ;)

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