Thursday, January 18, 2007

Early Holiday Hat finished!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Newest hat of 2007, even if it is from 2006's Season of Hats. The hat is mainly made in sc all around and it has the last Rows made on dc. The candy stripe is made with Front Post Double Crochet or fpdc as some may know it.

The hat is made of about 60 % acrylic and 40 % Merino wool. It is almost Machine Washable LOL! The top of the hat is made in red followed by a combination of green and red sc. I was able to create 4 Triangle like shapes that emulate pine trees. Did you notice the beard is gone? Well as you can see I am on my way back to growing it once more.

The bottom part of the hat that turns up and is a collection of four Rows of Double Crochets,. Actually it is Two Rows of Double Crochet, One row of Reversed Sc, then two more Rows of Double Crochet and the finishing Row is another Reveresed Single Crochet Row. It is definitely Christmasy in colors and nature, but we are in Winter still.

My next journey will be socks I believe, some knitted and some crocheted, I will keep you up to date.

Thanks for stopping by.


Deneen said...

ah, the man in the red hat never rests, does he?

Crafty Andy said...

ROFL, yep I am always doing something, keeps the mind quiet and the hands busy.

Thank YOU Deneen!

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! Your beard. Did you cry when you trimmed it? :-)

Crafty Andy said...

No it always grows back unlike the hair over my head LOL!

Anonymous said...

Your hats are getting more and more elaborate - very fahncy I must say. This one looks almost like one of those knitted Scandinavian sweaters. Very nice work, indeed.

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