Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The gym is a serious business!

Hello everyone and don't worry I will have some pictures and more blog entries later on this week. Well maybe next week, but sometime soon.

I have been having this Gym issue for the longest of time and as a good Taurus, it takes me a little time to get my thoughts together as to not offend anyone. This posting is to vent and inform.

I go to a Gym, name withheld , and I am amazed at the things that I am a witness to. I think that people believe that because they pay for a membership they have the right to own the place, to be rude and to not clean after themselves. Some people actually have a routine and God forbid that you interrupt the routine because you happened to be there a little early that day. Please choose a comfortable and clean outfit for the gym and for Pete's sake leave something to the imagination, sometimes your clothes are just too innapropriate.

Now I have what I believe is important do s and don't s for the Gym.

1. Don't spend more than 30 minutes at the cardio machines, specially when other people are waiting.

2. Don't throw your clothes on the floor, you know, close to the equipment or machine you will be working on. Do you know how many germs are on the floor? If you do, don't wipe your face with that!

3. When you get done using a machine clean your sweat off the machine.

4. When someone says no I don't want to work out with you, don't take it personal. If you asked then be prepared to hear an answer that you may not like. Don't be a bully! BUllies get memberships cancelled.

5. There is such a thing as innappropriate Gym attire. I.E. if part of your genitals is hanging out, your gym shorts are too short; If your genitals are screaming let me out, your outfit is too tight.

I find that men are more at fault with this than women. In all my years of going to a gym I have seen one woman whose outfit was not appropriate, yet it was not offensive. Your outfit needs to be cleaned after every gym use. I am amazed at people that come with smelly clothes to do their workouts.

You need to wear underwear under your gym attire. If you bend over and I see where your lower back changes name, it is too small for you. If you squat and things fall out you need athletic type underwear. Don't burn your bra just yet, consider the options when you are working out. If you take your time, maybe do some research or ask a trainer, you may get the appropriate gym wear that fits and covers you better. Maybe even enhance your gym performance. Inappropriate gymwear does not help you at all.

6. It is perfectly ok to say Excuse Me, Pardon Me, may I get by you. I find that so many people get so entranced in the music they are listening to, that they forget there are other people around them. I don't get bother by the music, but I do get bothered by people that choose to be inpolite.

7. Don't put your things in a locker without a lock. I have seen so many people that have their stuff stolen, because they leave stuff in an unlocked locker. Think no one will like to steal your old sweater? Think again.

8. You are going to encounter sweat in a gym, deal with it. Don't get yourself all perfumed up and then go to the gym, it does not smell very nice.

9. Please don't come to the gym smelling like cigarettes, it is repulsive, and it is as bad as having someone in a treadmill beside you ,who has bad breath, giving you each of their exhaling stenching breaths your way.

10. Urinals are not for trash or gum. Have a little bit of consideration for those people that come after you and those that clean after you. If you want to get rid of your gum use a trash bin.

11. Basic hygiene, wash your hands after going to the bathroom, cover your mouth when you sneeze. Have a handkerchief handy when you sneeze, don't cover your mouth with your bare hand, then grab the equipment. Basic Stuff!

When you go to the gym and you don't bring a towel to clean your sweat off, you are being inconsiderate toward others. The least you can do is get a handful of paper towels and wipe out the equipment after you use it.

Well enough for today, just wanted to get that off my chest.


Jaye said...

This is all just basic common sense sort of stuff, but you're right, people can be very rude and inconsiderate toward others, that's for sure.

(LOL, Andy, I have to admit, you had me laughing a few times here. You're a pretty entertaining writer ;)

Stephen said...

That was hilarious because it is all so true!!!

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