Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Teddy Bear Making Step one

Believe you me, I am very busy always trying to get myself into something crafty, that's me CraftyAndy. I am continuing to knit, I actually have two projects in needles, one in double pointed and the other one in a circular needle. Both projects are going on time and very good.

In the meantime I have other things to keep me busy and company. I am making a Teddy bear and here are the first four steps.

1. Create the Head.
2. Put the eyes on, then close the head.
3. Make muzzle .
4. Put nose in, stitch.

The head is not complete by any means. This is an inspiration after reading a combination of patterns from the internet and liking something from each, then I added my own touch which you will see as I post more pictures later on.

Just a note, I know that I have successfully done a great job when I want to keep the item that I am making. I also believe that we need to improve on patterns that we find in the internet. I have seen some beautiful Potholders and dishcloths with what I call limpy holding rings. I know the patterns say to do a chain 8 and slip stitch, but I make the rings strong by making a chain eight and doing at least 20 sc in the ring, that's to go with the pattern, It makes more sense to me.

Thanks for stopping by.


Deneen said...

So if something doesn't turn out well, you give it away? (LOL).

For potholders, I buy those plastic ring things and then crochet over them for the rings-you can still wash them and yet you can hang them much more easily.

Crafty Andy said...

No I keep most stuff I exchange or do, sometimes I give them as gifts. If something needs to be altered I graciously do it. The crafter may have thought of it in a different way than me.
Sometimes when I get in dishcloth exchange I make a Potholder from 2 discloths. LOL.

Anonymous said...

What a cute face !!!

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