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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Santa's hat on the round Part 1

This is the saga of making a hat for my holiday season. A hat that is festive and not that easy to make as I am not that experienced in knitting. This pattern called for the hat to be made flat and maybe if I did not like a challenge I would have followed the instructions. It would definitely be easier to just make it flat.

I decided to make it on the round, I finished the hat, but did not like the way it looked. So what did I do? I frogged the hat to about 5 inches of the starting point. I will tell you that frogging a work that is knited is no picnic. I remember why I don't like kniting, and I guess is mostly because of my lack of experience in kniting. If I would count the hours I have crochet versus the hours I have knited it would be at least 10 times more crochet than knit.

So going back to kniting, once you frog your knit piece you have to pick up your stitches and that my friend is the ugly side of kniting. Crochet you have one stitch to worry about. In this piece I had 64 stitches to pick up.

What was the end result of all this craziness? Two circular needles, then I thought about it and I got it in one circular needle with a very long cable. I am not going to frog the garment again so I have to think how will I manage this or will it end up in 3 double pointed needles?

I will keep you updated later on on my saga for the perfect knited hat, LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

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Deneen said...

Sigh-I feel for you Andy