Sunday, September 17, 2006

To Felt or not to felt, that's the question!

What? You can felt too! LOL. Well the search for fun is not limited to crochet , knit and quilting. I am getting so excited as I am getting all my projects done ahead of schedule.

Before your felt a project you need to make it. In this case I have crocheted this Hat from three different kinds of yarn.

The lower part of the Hat was made with Manos del Uruguay wool Yarn in a light warm green. The center band of the hat is made one stitch of Manos del Uruguay and one stitch of brown Lamb's pride alternating for about 6 rows. The top is made with Lamb' Pride entwined with a thick extra chunky unknown Wool blend in a dark green color.

The majority of the wool is from a skein Naomi gave to me, therefore I am naming this hat "Naomi". It is my own design I don't know if I can recall the pattern. I started in the middle with the alternating colors. The second step was the bottom until I was done. The third and final step was the top of the Hat. Because this hat was made with the idea of being felted, it is a lot bigger than what I would normally make a hat.

At this moment I am doing my felting , I should be done in an hour or so. I am felting by hand, it is an interesting experience and necessity is the mother of invention. I will share my steps later , thank you for stopping by.

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