Thursday, September 07, 2006

September Sewing (A NightShirt in Blue)

Until I took this picture I did not realize that my sewing machine had the name of MAGIC. Yeah right, magic would be if when I came back from lunch my NightShirt was finished, LOL. That's the machine in the Left Upper Quadrant of this picture.

On the Right Upper Quadrant are my quilting tools ready to be used. No matter how good your sewing machine is, the handsewn touch is always a nice touch and it gives you the feeling of how the garmet will feel against the skin. I love hand sewing, it is very peaceful and with the right music you can actually reach the end of the fabric LOL. Well Nirvana as well.

I cut all the pieces of the NightShirt, but the sleeves, I will do that sometime in the next few days. You know even though I am using a machine I thought this was the right time to test my thimble and quilting needles. I have not used the thumb thimble yet, maybe when I do some pot holders next week,

On the left lower quadrant you can see me in action using the quilting tools to hand sew the front of the V -Shape part of the front of the NightShirt. I may still have to put it through the machine for a certain detail, but this part was a lot easier to do by hand than by machine. If this was an industrial kind of sewing machine, sewing would have been a little different.

On the Lower Right Corner is the collar piece as you can see it is ready to be attached to the body of the shirt. I need to sew the shirt at the shoulders area then I can attach the collar. Thanks for stopping by and come back to see how this NightShirt comes to life.

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Deneen said...

I can't wait to see the completed nightshirt.

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