NightShirt Finished

Finally today I finished my nightshirt. This is not the first time I make clothes, but it is the first time I make a night shirt. The quality of this nightshirt is pretty good. IT would have been a lot cheaper to get one at the store, but it will not fit the way I like them to fit. If you notice the hat is made of remants from the nightshirt and it has a pom pom in red and blue. It is a reversible Hat and the inside is made of red flannel as you see in the next picture.

I decided to make a hat out of the blue. I thought it would be cute and I put remants together with the main material. Then I decided to make it reversible so I bought some red flannel, washed it , dried it and got to make the hat. It has a pom pom on the red side as well.

I also wanted to have something to hang it with so I made a loop for the back, I put my handcrafted by Moi label and it is readsy to be hung by the door. The loop is in the back of the neck , on the outside of the collar. I hate labels inside they will make me itch LOL. Thanks for stopping by , let's see what my next project will be.

Well right now I exausted and am getting sleepy. Time to take a nap in my new NightShirt. Buenas Noches.


Deneen said…
It looks absolutely fabulous! Yes, I have noticed on just about everything I make, it's cheaper to buy it-but the same love isn't put into making it, so.......
Anonymous said…
That's wonderful, Andy! *Love* the color! But, it's still not going to make me want to sew. I love quilts. I really want to learn to make them as well. But, the sewing will get me. I just KNOW it! :-) I look forward to living through the sewing vicariously through you. :-)

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