Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A day in a dog's Morning

You will realize that a few hours for a dog is like a day for us, or maybe a week. It is enough to get Buster very excited and exhausted once his journey though the park is over.

Sometimes my dog have a special day in the park. He get's up and wakes the world up around 7 or 730 AM. We then get his breakfast and head toward Buena Vista Park ;

So Buster hops in the back. Actually he gets picked up and put in the back. A safety chain is attached to his collar , to abide by the law. It is also nice to have the dog secure and not running around the back of a truck.

In the picture below you see what buster sees in his journey to the park. He gets very excited, even though it is the same journey almost every weekend. He enjoys the moment. Every moment is anew to the dog, sometimes we need to learn from our animal friends how to really enjoy life.

So here we are going up the hill, here is the first view of the park, then the awaited arrival.

He finally gets to the park and starts his exploring. He loves to go everywhere and sniffs and marks his territory. It's a dog after all and mother nature is embedded in his genetic material, good and bad.

Here is a friend that he meets at the park once in a whi;e, then another friend, the view, which I don't think the dog really cares about. We do, we enjoy the walk as it is very pleasant to look at the city from above.

In our retunr down toward the vehicle, we find blackberries everywhere as you can see in the middle of this picture. After this the journey ends in the same way it started with buster getting in the back and coming to his home. Thanks for stopping by.

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Deneen said...

Great pics Andy-thanks for sharing

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