Sunday, July 16, 2006

Variegated Dishcloth in greens

When you have a variegated yarn, you have no idea what is going to happen when you are making something an item.

In this particular dishcloth there is the illusion of three triangular images in the pattern. Maybe I am the only that can see that, as I am always looking for things like that in nature and in items I crochet.

It looks like three isosceles triangles , yes I am a geek, I will have to admit. I love Science and Math, I enjoy trigonometry, calculus and as simple as the Euclidian Geometry concepts.

I would really enjoy spending the rest of my life studying Science doing experiments, but that will probably take me away from Crochet at this time. My favorite part of Science was Genetics and Taxonomy, love those latin pronunciations. Botany was also a nice subject.

Well enough for today on science and Crochet . ROFL. Where did that come from? I guess everytime I see a Star Trek episode, wether s TOS, Next Generation, Voyager, Enterprise or Deep Space 9, I wish I could be studying in such a time.

Well next time I reincarnate it will be in such a time that I will enjoy travelling through space meeting new species and exchanging crochet items made out of Tholian Silk.

Thanks for stopping by, I have more projects that I am working on and will be posting more pictures later this week. Remember to smile and make people wonder!


Anonymous said...

I see the triangles, but I detest math.

I like the dishcloth, however.

Since you enjoy math so much, I wonder why you don't quilt? Just think of all those lovely triangles, squares, trapezoids, and whatever you could play with.


Anonymous said...

I see triangles too, it looks really cool.

Calypso has a good point about quilting and with your eye for color ! Wow, you'd have some knock out quilts !

LadyLinoleum said...

I see the triangles! You are not alone.

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