Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Is Andy under his yarn? Check it out!

I am extremely busy and have some photos to show , yet this is not all that I am doing, Oh My!

Thess are my 12 inch squares for this month, since the picture was taken the ends have been weaved.

I am also working with the 63 Easy to Make Squares it is a Crochet Along that we are having at Crochet Depot at http://groups.msn.com/crochetdepot

Well this is not enough, I am also making things with eyes, but there are plenty of things with eyes, I am showing you part of a potholder, Is it a Cat, is it a Turkey, you will know some time next month.

I am also working with nylon. It is a very interesting media to work with. I did not know how useful it will be to make certain things in nylon, like for the bathroom. Personal hygiene items for men and women. It will all be clear to you next month. Lots of fascinating ideas and lots of new media to work with.

What else did you say? Well I have been introduced to the art of Quilting and will be making some Quilts and posting the progress online. I joined a group at MSN http://groups.msn.com/3sisterscyberquilting

So far I have gotten two books and will look forward to more. I am hoping to embrace this craft with my hands as I do Crochet. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.

So as you can see I am and will be very busy . See ya soon!!!


Anonymous said...


Okay, well whatever.

Anyway, your squares are terrific, Andrito. Very, very pretty. I love the way you use colour.

As for nylon, I don't know...my hands are just getting back to normal since I'm not working at Doc's. Isn't nylon kind of tough on the skin to crochet with?

My first quilt project was a pillow done in 3" (w/o seam allowance) triangles. I used two different blue prints, one medium and one small, one light blue solid, and a medium rose medium size print.

It was lots of fun, because after I cut them out, I spent lots of time playing with how they were arranged. You could make different patterns out of them, depending on how you moved them around.

After they were all quilted, I got a solid dark rose for the backing and quilted this round feather thingy using light blue thread.

I added a double-sided ruffle to the pillow in the solid blue that I used for one of the triangles.

It turned out really cute. I wish I still had that pillow.

I think you'll have fun with quilting because you have such a great imagination, and you like to play.


Jaye said...

If you have *any* difficulty or problems at all with quilting, that is to say if you've never done it (have you?), I have a great book to recommend to you: The Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide. ISBN 0-87596-987-9 Ellen Pahl is the Editor. It's wonderful!

Have fun & happy quilting :)

Deneen said...

I am curious about what you are going to do with the La Espiga-I'll keep my eye out. I have two spools begging to be made into something, but what?

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