Monday, July 31, 2006

Andy and Ydan , are they Twins?

Here we are Ydan and Andy the twins. Are we really twins or a camera trick . That it's up to you to figure it out, but in the meantime, did you see my Skull Caps? It was part of an exchange for the Xmas in July exchange from Crochet Depot. I received them from Candy, What a great gift for me, I love my skull caps.

I have been busy stitching together squares for the 63 easy to make squares Crochet Along from Crochet Depot. As you can see I am almost done one square away from finishing , then comes the fun part, sewing them together. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Is Andy under his yarn? Check it out!

I am extremely busy and have some photos to show , yet this is not all that I am doing, Oh My!

Thess are my 12 inch squares for this month, since the picture was taken the ends have been weaved.

I am also working with the 63 Easy to Make Squares it is a Crochet Along that we are having at Crochet Depot at

Well this is not enough, I am also making things with eyes, but there are plenty of things with eyes, I am showing you part of a potholder, Is it a Cat, is it a Turkey, you will know some time next month.

I am also working with nylon. It is a very interesting media to work with. I did not know how useful it will be to make certain things in nylon, like for the bathroom. Personal hygiene items for men and women. It will all be clear to you next month. Lots of fascinating ideas and lots of new media to work with.

What else did you say? Well I have been introduced to the art of Quilting and will be making some Quilts and posting the progress online. I joined a group at MSN

So far I have gotten two books and will look forward to more. I am hoping to embrace this craft with my hands as I do Crochet. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.

So as you can see I am and will be very busy . See ya soon!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Pot Holder Exchange Jul 06

Well you guessed right, if you guessed that this pot holders came from the exchange at Crochet Depot These come from Laura and they are amazing, great texture and I love the shape and color combination. You too can share your craftiness with us at Crochet Depot by clicking on the banner on this message you will come to our front door, we leave it unlock so come on in. Our dog Kerberos is very friendly and discerning. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Cylons are not that Evil

I can't help but wonder if when they open the cylons they find Intel is really inside

But now that we have this brand new cylons, have you wondered what happened to the old cylons? Here is a possibility.Will the Cylons be outsourced? Who knows we are getting ready for the new Season in September. I can not wait to find out what is going to happen to the fleet, can you?

At any rate they are just frakking toasters aren't they?

But never forget that this Apollo and this Starbuck are very different than the old ones.
May the Gods of Cobol have mercy on our souls!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Variegated Dishcloth in greens

When you have a variegated yarn, you have no idea what is going to happen when you are making something an item.

In this particular dishcloth there is the illusion of three triangular images in the pattern. Maybe I am the only that can see that, as I am always looking for things like that in nature and in items I crochet.

It looks like three isosceles triangles , yes I am a geek, I will have to admit. I love Science and Math, I enjoy trigonometry, calculus and as simple as the Euclidian Geometry concepts.

I would really enjoy spending the rest of my life studying Science doing experiments, but that will probably take me away from Crochet at this time. My favorite part of Science was Genetics and Taxonomy, love those latin pronunciations. Botany was also a nice subject.

Well enough for today on science and Crochet . ROFL. Where did that come from? I guess everytime I see a Star Trek episode, wether s TOS, Next Generation, Voyager, Enterprise or Deep Space 9, I wish I could be studying in such a time.

Well next time I reincarnate it will be in such a time that I will enjoy travelling through space meeting new species and exchanging crochet items made out of Tholian Silk.

Thanks for stopping by, I have more projects that I am working on and will be posting more pictures later this week. Remember to smile and make people wonder!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Coquies are tree frogs, Ana and Rene are their names

Here may I present you Ana on the left and Rene on the right. They are as cute as they come. This is a pattern that I built upon, becuase the ppatern did not have hands or feet I added them. I also decided to make them different colors as they are actually tropical forrest dwellers, I would not make them one color they will be too boring, even though they will still look nice.

Today I got my new yarns to make owls and geese pot holders, I also got some squiggly eyes that will make it more fun and something new for me to test and learn. There will be cows and bulls and sheep and goats, chickens, roosters, pigs, the whole farm will come to life under my roof.

I am sharing with you a picture of the front and back of the pot holders. I will also going to be making dishcloths in the meantime as well so you will see them on this blog as I make them to share them with you.

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon, there is more to come.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Romulus & Remus The Empire's Potholders

Here they are in all their Romulan puuuuuuurrrfection. The Twin kitty cat Potholders. I hope you like them. Thanks for stopping by, there willbe more to come later, but maybe not this weekend.

Long Live the Empire!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

RemusThe Cat Pot Holder Twin

I am making two potholders that look like a cat. They are cuter than what I esxpected, specially after I added the collar , the bow tie and the whiskers to the pattern. I also altered the way the tail is created. It did not make sense to me to create the tail then to sew it on. Why not create it in place? I did.

His brother will come to life some time tomorrow. It s a calico kind of cat, he brother is a little different color, but close enough to say it is his brother. I will reveal his name tomorrow. Let say if the Romulans were close they will steal both of them for the Romulan Star Empire. Thanks for stopping by and come back again. Long live the Empire.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Flower Trio Pot Holder

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!

Well today I am making Pork in Pipian sauce, for those who don't know what it is click on the link PIPIAN . I am also doing my crochet and watching some nice TV on the Sci-Fi Channel.

So here is a potholder of my own design. I got inspired this Fourth of July to make a nifty pot holder. Three flowers with leaves .

The back as you will see below has a raised edged that is to help the potholder be proped from the wall where it will hang, giving the it a raised surface look on the back.

At this time I guess I am experimenting with potholders. I get a lot of ideas from regular crochet stitches. I also get ideas from granny squares and Octagons and simple non square designs.

I have made this potholders with left over yarn making it economical and practical. I guess it becomes me, being a Taurus, it is just natural. There is a red Flower that it is suppose to mimic an anemonae, the yellow daisy and an african violet. I did the center with a blend of black alpaca yarn that is a left over from a long time. Finally I found something to use this las vestige of black left.

Thanks for stopping by and come back again as I will continue to make my 12" INCH Granny Squares and my Pot Holders and Dishcloths. We do have a potholder and dishcloths exchange every month at . August will be Dishcloth exchange. Come and join in the fun. Until later.

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