Monday, March 06, 2006

To Achieve is not to be Arrogant

I want to share with you some of my story. Each of us has a tale to tell, this is part of my life for me to share. After spending two years in college and living at home with my mother. I decided that I wanted to join the military in the Health Services Department. The experience was great. This are my buddies and we depended on each other, Shapiro, Posner, Henshaw, Hooper, Riley, and Mendez I belive was the other hispanic guy. We were a team and we made it through, standing tall and looking good, we ought to be in holliwood. Pictures were not allowed at this time, but we sneaked a camera, I sneaked a camera LOL.

Being arrogant is something that does not work in the military as you are constantly watched and scrutinized. It is your responsability to let your supervisor know that you qualify for a promotion. I did such thin and by the time I was 1.5 years in the military I became s Specialist 5th Class or my equivalent later in the Navy as Petty Officer 2 nd Class. So forgive me for being proud about myself and my accomplishments.

Here below you will find two Medals among the ones that I got at peacetime, I also got the good conduct medal. I had my Overseas Ribbon, Sharp Shooter, Grenade Marksman and qualified with a 45. Medics have to know how to defend their patients and themselves if the need comes.

So excuse me for being such a self accomplished individual who has a great self-esteem.

I enjoyed sharing part of a great past with you. Why did n't I continue, I wanted to go back home and finish my schooling. I graduated from the University in Puerto Rico after coming from the ARMY. My Diploma at the end of this blog entry. I am very proud of myself and my accomplishments. I am not better than anyone on this planet , nor am I worst, I consider myself an equal to everyone. Some of us are smarter in different areas, some of us are craftier, but no one is better than anyone. To hear someone say that I am an arrogant person , because I take care of myself the best I can, and I am proud of the hard earned self-respect and accomplishments, makes me very upset. It shows something though, if they have spent that much time with me and feel that way, they truly do not know who I am. The fact is that I am removing myself from that atmosphere of incongruent thoughts and mindset and I will return to Kobol my home. Thanks for listening and allow me to share my life with you.


Crafty Andy said...

I was afraid the Cylons will read these postings and decipher my code. Too much information in an impulsive move, the same goes for deleting it, but deleting it was a matter of taking an action.

Let's find Kobol

~drew emborsky~ said...

Very impressive. You should be VERY proud of yourself.

LadyLinoleum said...

You should be proud! These are accomplishments that are a significant part of what makes you, you!

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