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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Of Browns and Blues an Afghan for you

This is the latest afghan in my charity endeavor. It is made of Granny Squares, in memory of my friend Scott Hooper, http://GrannyGuy.blogspot.com. Now that I have made some afghans I have some left over yarn to make Granny Squares for a charity that takes them.

Making Granny Squares is a very interesting experience. I love to put them together and see how the picture or design gets it's form. This is my own design, but not my pattern. The patter comes from the book, "Afghans on a Double" ISBN 0-942232-90-0 and is a Leisure Arts book.

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share my craft.


Cheryl said...

WOW...it really looks great!!!

Nik said...

Cheryl's right...it DOES look great. i like the color choice.

Kenny said...

Dang boy, you're rolling out afghans left and right!!!!!! Wonderful!

nancy =) said...

WOW!! love your blog...i followed you home from the big question and i just wanted to let you know i was here and that i LOVE what you're doing!!...awesome stuff =)


Celtic Knitter said...

Blue and brown looks awesome. It's not really a colour combination I would think to use . . . but now that I see it . . .. you got me thinking.

Jaye said...


The last several afghans you've made are just beautiful! What a wonderful and beautiful tribute to Scott!

I'm very sorry for the loss of such a special friend. You must miss him dearly.

Hugs & peace to you,