Of Reds and Greens and in betweens!!!

I don't know where the idea of the colors, green and red , for the holiday season came from, but it's all around us. I personally like the colors and they are very festive indeed. If we add white to the colors and music we will have Mexican or Italian party colors, both with lots of delicious treats for the holidays. Before we get to the holidays, I get so many ideas and so little time. I know it is not uniquely my situation, I believe it is a conspiracy from the 10 worlds of yarn and needles. Here on the top you will see a pair of my Holiday Pot Holders. They are made in Tunisian Stitch Crochet using th yarn by Sugar N Cream.
I am also working on placemats. They are very clever. They look like a gift, here is one finished, and I am working on the other one, which is in greens, with a red ribbon. I made them mostly acrylic; I can hear Martha Stewart in my voice intonation, LOL. I thought that making them mostly acrylic, they will be stain resistant. We shall see is my premise was sound, as time goes by.

I have about three more works in progress, Heidi the crochet doggie, and Drew's vest, a second version of the one done a while ago. Why so many works in progress? It helps my neuropathy, by chnaging the focus of the stitch and the pain. I am also working on a pot holder for a friend of mine for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It's going to be black acrylic yarn with the Bernat Matrix "Server Silver" yarn which will give it a silvery look, just like his kitche counter which is black with sparkles. I hope you have a great weekend and let's see what kind of crochet or knit mischief I can get myself into. Peldor Joi!


Squishybear said…
I use the afghan stitch for a lot of my projects! Once you get the hang of it I think it is a wonderful stitch. It is great for making graphs and color changes!
Anonymous said…
I love the gift placemats.
. said…
I love them! They are cute!
~drew emborsky~ said…
Love the placemats, dude!
Crafty Andy said…
Thanks everyone, there's more to come

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