Second Border Quilt Afghan

I have started the second border of three borders of the Quilted Afghan. You can see these colors are marvelous. LOL. I just wanted to update the blog. The first border was done on medium pink old rose and forest green or sage green, the second border will be made in gold and , medium pink old rose or something like that. The last border is a repeat of the green and pink border and finishes the afghan. As you can see on the left side there is a ridge that is formed. Still I had to manipulate the pattern to make it easier on me.
I will keep you posted, now thee are about 150 to 200 little granny squares that I need to make to follow the second boder. Lots of work.


Calvin said…
The afghan is simply beautiful and amazing. Great work. You're truly a gifted crocheter. I hope that you had a great Labor Day.
Beautiful job.
Love the colors.....

David said…
You have accomplished something with that afghan that I would never have the patience to do. I can't even do a simple double crochet afghan without giving up on it. Good job!!
none said…
Wow, that is gorgeous! I hope you get a chance to post over on I know a lot of crocheters would love to see this.
Gabriel said…
Your Quilt Afghan is really beautiful! Keep us posted.
btw Hi :)

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