Quilted Afghan Outer Frame

I just finished the outer frame of the afghan and will be working on the third border . This borders actually give it form and strength. The borders are green medium antique rose; green and dark gold and lastly green medium antique rose. It is a very interesting enterprise to make this afghan into a reality. I think I will have to make it my bed spread. Definetely will have it done by next Monday and a picture will be posted. Thank you for the visit and come back once in a while. I always have something every week to talk about or show you.


David said…
Wow it is so amazing to see how fast your afghan is coming along. I have enjoyed watching your progress. I can't wait to see it finished.
Kev said…
Awesome job!!! bit I think I would have to kill someone while I was doing that! LOL
Scott Hooper said…
WOW, Andy! How artistic. I believe this is as about the most creative afghan I have ever seen made.

Does it use an afghan/Tunisian hook?
WOW!! That is gorgeous
Jenn said…
Your afghan is incredible! Absolutely beautiful!

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