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addi Express KINGSIZE Knitting Machine Circular Knitting mode Review

So what do you know I am writing a review for a knitting machine.  I have seen these machines and I have been curious about how they work.  I have read reviews and critiques, I have read the expectations of frustrated users and very satisfied users.  I have been able to create so many items in a short time.  You can use different yarns, buT you have to remember that the needle size does not change.  You can become very creative wether you want to or not lol.  This is a lovely mach8ne that will give your creative spirit hours of entertainment once you understand how to use with the least of frustration.
1.  You need to see the videos from Skacel and then the videos from YouTube.
2. Realize the potential and limitations of this machine.
3. I would strongly suggest using the weights that are used for machine knitting or something to weight your proyect down while you are working.  This will help you with the fact that stitches drop if you go too fast or if the yarn is not grabby enough.…