Monday, April 30, 2007

Internet fraud by IPS Incorporated Fraud Alert

Well I am doing this in a public way , because I found at least four people that have been hit with this. The headline was "Credit Card Fraud.. How could it happen? What can I do?"

The charge was for $9.85, and was from IPS 1-800-431-7428 CA,. I have read that people got it from this one and another one as well from IPS San Bruno Ca few days later. I did call this number, and no matter when you call the number, you get forwarded to the voicemail of IPS Incorporated, I did not leave a message. ( I called on many ocassions after the fact.)

The same day I immediately call my bank and reported the transaction as a fraud and my credit card as stolen. Somebody stole my Credit Card number or got it from somewhere, the fact is that I do not use that Credit Card at all and that transaction was a fraudulent transaction, I got the Credit Card Blocked and replaced by a new one.

Help take a bite out of Crime! Photo Courtesy of

If you get this charge I guarantee you 100% it is fraud and you should report it as Fraud. Don't waste your time calling the number, tell your Bank or Credit Card company that you have called them and you get an answering service. Believe me that's what you get. You need your card closed and replaced immediately.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pick my needles and hooks up!

Yes it is time to get my needles and hooks in a row and start something exciting. I am getting all motivated, but it takes time. I am getting some nice cotton yarn and I have some chenille and wool that will have some kind of form soon.

This is some of the wool I got to make socks or skull caps. I don't know yet, but there is plenty of colors. There is also chenille at the top, maybe a chenille scarf and a nice chenille Winter Cap?
If anyone has a nice stuffed animal pattern that they want a group of people to test let me know. I am always looking for patterns to challenge the group at Crochet Depot.

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