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Internet fraud by IPS Incorporated Fraud Alert

Well I am doing this in a public way , because I found at least four people that have been hit with this. The headline was "Credit Card Fraud.. How could it happen? What can I do?"

The charge was for $9.85, and was from IPS 1-800-431-7428 CA,. I have read that people got it from this one and another one as well from IPS San Bruno Ca few days later. I did call this number, and no matter when you call the number, you get forwarded to the voicemail of IPS Incorporated, I did not leave a message. ( I called on many ocassions after the fact.)

The same day I immediately call my bank and reported the transaction as a fraud and my credit card as stolen. Somebody stole my Credit Card number or got it from somewhere, the fact is that I do not use that Credit Card at all and that transaction was a fraudulent transaction, I got the Credit Card Blocked and replaced by a new one.

Help take a bite out of Crime! Photo Courtesy of

If you get this charge I guarantee you 10…

Pick my needles and hooks up!

Yes it is time to get my needles and hooks in a row and start something exciting. I am getting all motivated, but it takes time. I am getting some nice cotton yarn and I have some chenille and wool that will have some kind of form soon.

This is some of the wool I got to make socks or skull caps. I don't know yet, but there is plenty of colors. There is also chenille at the top, maybe a chenille scarf and a nice chenille Winter Cap?
If anyone has a nice stuffed animal pattern that they want a group of people to test let me know. I am always looking for patterns to challenge the group at Crochet Depot.

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