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Arecibo Observatory et LightHouse 07

The road to the Observatory is very rural as you can see here. The Arecibo radio telescope is distinguished by its enormous size: the main collecting dish is 305 m in diameter, constructed inside the depression left by a karstsinkhole. The dish is the largest curved focusing dish on Earth, giving Arecibo the largest electromagnetic-wave gathering capacity. The Arecibo telescope's dish surface is made of 38,778 perforated aluminum panels, each measuring about 1 m by 2 m (3 ft by 6 ft), supported by a mesh of steel cables.

The construction of the Arecibo telescope was initiated by Professor William E. Gordon of Cornell University, who originally intended to use it for the study of Earth's ionosphere. Originally, a fixed parabolic reflector was envisioned, pointing in a fixed direction with a 150 m (500 ft) tower to hold equipment at the focus. This design would have had a very limited use for other potential areas of research, such as planetary science and radio astronomy, which …

The Old City of San Juan 2007

Looking at this statue, the Statue of Cristobal Colon, aka Christopher Columbus. I never figured it out . How can he have two names, as names are not supposed to be translated, but who cares 500 years after. I used to go to the old city almost every week. Sometimes I would go two to three times a week

When you come to the city of San Juan Bautista, you will enter with the Fort of San Cristobal to your right . When you look to the front you will see Cristobal Colon up high on this pedestal. It has been there at least since I can remember, and about 40 years or more.

The Castillo de San Cristóbal is a Spanish fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was built by the Spaniards to protect against land based attacks on the city of San Juan. It is part of San Juan National Historic Site.Castillo de San Cristóbal is the largest fortification built by the Spanish in the New World. When it was finished in 1783 it covered about 27 acres of land, basically wrapping the city of San Juan. Entry to the city…