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Picon here I come

Just in case you are wondering, mister Stephen West has a KAL that promises to bring forth some exciting colorings into your life.  I have the yarn and the needles to go and have some color fun.  Stephen is a very talented man, yes it may be another shawl, but will he challenge you to do something you have never done?  I am all for it.  Thanks for stopping by!

Remodeling of Great Fortune

So we have been remodeling our place, we got new paint and new floors. The old carpet has been taken out, there are some pieces to lay down some heavy file cabinets and to protect the floors.  It is hard to live out of a suitcase and having a box for a dresser, but as you can see the floors look fantastic.  The weather has been very good sunny and warm. Everything is going according to plan and we shall have a brand new home with beautiful floors to walk on.  Thanks for stopping by!

Raspberries and Life

Well what can I tell you.  Last night or rather early in the morning I woke up with a lot of itching .  There were hives all over my torso and forearms.  I recognized these as I have seen my mother break out in them over old food.  These raspberries were a little over due, but I ate a few, probably about 5 to 8.  I had had some the day before.  I noticed my chest was itching, but did not pay attention.  Long story short the rash is gone thanks to benadryl.  I just really pay attention to the things I eat, I try and during this crazy morning itchy attack, I reviewed the food in the past two days, even my body cream.  Raspberries won, I am not a big fan of berries unless they are frozen or really fresh, because mold sets in fast, and I believe it was the mold I had a reaction to.

What you are seeing is the new floors that have been taking shape in our home. There will be a need for a quarter round , but the floors will look very classy.  We are getting the floors installed by a contrac…

Felt Imperfect

Interesting choice of words.  I was going to speak about the Retreat, maybe I will before the week ends.  I have been deactivated from Facebook, mainly because I am reevaluating my life and Facebook adds very little to my life.  I still have to say that I have learned about stuff from Facebook  before it comes out in the news, but that is another story. I find that Facebook has some value, but people are too much, they say too much and stay behind the anonymity veil to be aggressive and jerks.  Some people air all their drama and frustrations in there.  It gets tiresome after a while.  Let's see how long I go before re activating my account and who has stayed with me.
I got this yarn the other day. Just in case you don't know I have all my yarn in boxes. There is remodeling going on in my life, from the floors to the ceiling. How is that for unexpected change. Well I knew it was coming, but not this sudden, I should not complain. So I went walking last Saturday to the Uppe…

Men Fall Knitting Retreat 2013

To begin with it is the 6th Fall Retreat and it is the best Vacation a knitter can have. Men of all walks of life and as diverse as yarn. This table was all the items that we will be bidding on the Silent Auction.  This auction benefits the Scholarship Fund.  It is tax deductible, we are a 501c now. There were a lot of new faces and some new ones as well. This year we were able to sponsor 3 guys with scholarships.

The first night we had a spinning class with Michael Wade and some assistants. If you don't know how to spin, he will teach you and teach you . I want to take the class again and again, because Michael makes this class a lot of fun. You become full of wonder and your yarn experience will change your perspective about fiber. Tomorrow there will be more classes and more pictures about what we did, or better yet, what I did during the days at the retreat.
 Even our friend Jeremy got to take the class. This young fellow, that is legally blind and hardly hears, is in…