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Etsy :: 12 size 8 inch double pointed Bamboo Knitting Needles DP (US 0-10.5) (you will get total 60 ...

This is something that every kniter should have. A nice set of DPNs for a great price. I will be making hats with These Babies and some day will dare to make socks I promise!
Etsy :: 12 size 8 inch double pointed Bamboo Knitting Needles DP (US 0-10.5) (you will get total 60 ...

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Toe-Up Recasted

In my years of knitting and crocheting one thing has become very clear, patience. If you have no patience you will drive yourself insane and will not get the results that you want. You also need perseverance and understanding on the craft. This applies to any craft that you are trying to master. I say only through the learning process of experience you learn through trial and error, or sometimes just trials and trials. I started this project on US 2 or 3mm and I was about 3 inches enough to try them on and have a feel. I found they were too big and I decided to try smaller needles. The difference is amazing. One thing is for sure I got the Magic Cast on down to a science by now. lol! More to the point the stitch definition is better and the fit is definitely what I was looking for. SO one lesson that I have learned is to know that you may have to change needles or even material. This yarn is a combination of bamboo with merino and nylon, it was a gift. It is actually knitting prettie…

My First Toe-Ups

So I have embarked on the Toe-Up sock frenzy. I think that Toe-Ups is a nice alternative. I like the idea of making a sock in a different way. I am using the Judy's magic Cast on technique, but I figure that maybe the figure eight technique will work as well. One of the points of the cast on is that some of the stitches are mounted backwards, so you either knit through the back loop or fix them as you go. I decided to fix them, it makes more sense. So in case you are wondering about the book it is Antje Gillingham Second Book, "Kniting More Circles Around Socks."
Nevertheless for a man or a person with wide feet, big feet or ample soles, the regular sock pattern will not make any sense. There are plenty of resources online for everything. I found this TOE-UP Heel technique HERE helpful. It is from someone who has the challenge of big feet and I found it helpful. I glanced over it , but have not read it completely. I think that it will help me accomplish my task on the lo…

Aerilon Farmers Cap

May I present you the Aerilon Farmer's Cap. It was the Palermo Sun Hat, but I changed the name. For those who where following my Tapestry Crochet Hat crochet along, you will finish the Hat continuing the FPDC until the size you want , then you can finish the hat with a reverse single crochet border.. This is the hardest thing to do in the world when is a pattern as complex as this one, to write instructions row by row, it stifles inspiration, so after a while I went free form and thus the end product.
There is a combination of Tapestry Crochet all around, but the fact is that there are lots of Front Post Double Crochet involved as well. Horizontal single crochet can be seen on those lines that are horizontal that make a relief. Finally I got tired of crocheting with an f hook and picked up the stitches with my DPNs and finished the hat with a Fair Isle edge. So it is a combo knit-crochet-Tapestry Crochet Hat. Thanks for stopping by.

Knit me a Square From Sock Yarn

If you ever wondered what to do with the extra superwash merino sock yarn? Make a super wash merino sock yarn blanket. Shannon Geddes has this simple pattern HERE that works on two circulars or 4 DPNs. I have been enjoying the pleasure of working on DPNs or double pointed needles. So for the Men Fall Knitting Retreat we have a charity project that we are going to put together at the site. This year we are gathering in Dumas Bay Centernear Seattle. ANyway here is the pictures of my square. Thanks for stopping by!

Chamalla Bag Silk and Wool

If I never knew what to do with Sari Silk Yarn, now I know it is great to combine with wool. This bag has a strand of sari silk yarn along kool-daid dyed wool and some paton, which is the very red wool. I was able to line it with some fabric I had and hand sew the liner to the bag. If I was making this again , I would not make the bottom until the liner was in place.
This is a very sturdy bag and is double stranded, wool and silk, very sturdy materials. I will be using it to carry some of my works in progress and little projects when I go out to my knitting groups, or shopping for yarn.
This is a Combo Bag, the bottom of the Bag is done in crochet, the top is knitted and it has a liner that is hand sewn. It is wool (kool aid dyed) and sari silk yarn.

Pegasus Cameleon Watch Cap

This hat is reversible and let me tell you it is an easy knit. I had a very hard time with a regular yarn that I thought was worsted eight, but I could not get the gauge of 96 stitches.
It is very comfortable and with a nice ribbing. You can actually make it longer if you like. If you have seen most of my hats, you know this is as long as most of the get. I made this with Double Pointed needles again and I am very proud of myself.

Two more vies of the inside of the hat.

This is actually the hat from the Botanic Hat Pattern that I have named. I used Ozark Mountain Homespun for the green and Lamb's Pride Onyx for the black. It is a reversible hat and I got it from Ravelry , Botanic HAT Pattern , by Stephen West. I try to make this hat with plain worsted weight yarn, you need two so that i comes out this beautiful green lol! I love green what can I say. SO here are some pictures of the hat inside out. Thanks for stopping by.

Pegasus Cameleon Cap

So here we are trying to make this a successful mission for the Pegasus Crew. I try to use the Eye of Jupiter Colorway yarn that I made the other day, but the yarn is too thin for this project. I fought this pattern with the other yarn, I casted on about 10 times in different ways. Long tail cast -on, at least 3 times, one crochet cast on, a different crochet cast on, the yarn that made it possible was this homespun Ozark and Lamb's Pride. I am going to make this hat, can you imagine my reputation lol!
Here I am with a .75 inch or so knit up and using a marker that I received from Admiral IYN. I am hoping to have this hat finish very quickly. I am hoping it will boost the moral around here, at least mine lol! Thanks for stopping by!
By the way flickr is bunkers today.

The Dradis Skull Cap then Life

The Dradis Hat or Skull Cap is inspired by the New Re-Imagined Series of Battlestar Galactica. It is a pattern that I will be releasing later on and is done on DPNS. These two hats have the same cast on , but the gauge is different because the yarn is a bit different. The blue Dradis Skull Cap is about 6 stitches per inch 132 stitches at the beginning of the basket weave ,and the Patriotic multicolor is about 4.25 stitches per inch. and the second Dradis Hat has 96 stitches. I am amazed at the learning experience that knitting can be. Here I am using a different yarn with the same size of needles, but about 3 inches from the top I measure my gauge and decide how many stitches the basket weave will have, 3, 4 or whatever is needed to reach the size to fit the head. When I make a hat for someone it is custom fit. You can always buy a hat anywhere, but it will not be custom fit to your head like mine are. lol!

I am busy with things and having some challenges, but life continues and my jo…

Square 11 LTKA

I have more to post, but not today. Here is the square which I made for the Afghan, but I also made a washcloth as well. I wanted to get rid of the corn yarn, (The green in the picture is corn), there was a design change from the book as I got distracted and did not realize the mistake until it was done. I decided to make it the same on the next one and thus two of the same. I will continue the series of the afghan as I am able to . Thanks for stopping by.

Palace of FIne Arts

So here we are at the Palace of Fine Arts or the Replica of the Temple of Kobol, you be the Judge.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tauron Donegal Socks FO

So here it is the final product of my work. The first time that I use the sock blockers, I am still looking to see if I want to keep them. I have many more sock projects on the works, but right now none started. Thanks for stopping by!

More of the Eye of Jupiter

I am not going to reorder them, but they are from the last to the first Eye of Jupiter Colorway. This comes from the Mandala that Kara Thrace from the BSG re-imagined series presented us. This one is the last one that was accomplished by taking the time . This one is done with kool Aid and food coloring.
The picture below is the 3rd try of dyeing the Eye of Jupiter it is very close to the end result and I am very happy with it. This one is done with kool Aid and food coloring as well.
This is the 2nd attempt and even though is not what I was aiming for , it worked out fine. This yarn is 92 % wool and 8 % acrylic, which shows you the blend dyes well, but the colors are different , I was using I-Dye dyes.
I liked this one more than the one before and I was using I-Dyes as well. I have not made a yarn I had not liked. Actually I have not liked the way cottons have dyed for me, need more practice in that department I guess, but wool is so easy to dye. Thanks for following me in m…

Yarn to DYE for

July started with some fancy dyeing, this is a Knit Picks Donegal Bare that I have done in a chartreuse color. This green is my favorite color, ther is more to come.
This is my attempt at the Eye of Jupiter with some old dye solutions, I will be making some more on Friday , but this time I will be using Kool Aid. I hope you accompany me on my journey to discover new colors in yarn and the creation of more fun. Thanks for stopping by!