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Some essential Patterns

Today I got some interesting leaflets, booklets that I will be using later on. These are essential in my opinion to the person who crochets and knit and want to expand the reach of their hooks and needles. I also order some knit dishcloths patter booklets to get into the groove of knitting some more. I will post their arrival on my blog.

You may have also noticed the above button is on the my sidebar . II am getting into knitting as well. I crochet daily, but I have not found a button yet, I will look around and see if there is a website like the one for knitting.

Getting along and going along with this, It is the Irish Hiking Scarf Knitalong, which I have joined as well.
Going for the knitting is this 25 Knit Sampler afghan with 25 different stitches that I am looking forward to make. I will learn by experience and have fun making this sampler afghan. I will see how this sampler expands my experience and maybe have it blog as I go.

Another book which I think is great for the crocheter is…

Interweave Felt Magazine a Short Review

I have never bought this magazine before, but I was drawn to this one for some reason. It is a terrific issue with projects, techniques, and tutorials, I enjoyed reading the articles.

Some funky hats , cool Totes and great tutorials are in this issue. There are many ways to felt , or fulling the wool into fabric with great directions and illustrations. The tutorials form the basis for most of the patterns in the magazine.

You can actually divide the tutorials in the magazine in 3 sections : Felted Knitting, Wet Felting, and Needle Felting. There is something for everyone. Scarves, necklaces, tote bags, weekender bag a funky hat and other accessories good first projects, but there is plenty to challenge the not so novice felter. There is even a section for recycling your favorites sweater into items of great use like... well you have to get the magazine to fine out. lol!

It is a great issue that will give you some great knowledge and maybe spark your creative spirit into felting, from t…

Irish Hiking Hat

Well I am done with this hat, and I am working on the second hat already. This hat took me only two days and it was a great learning experience. The next hat will be about 3 - 4 inches longer , I will like a bigger brim. I also join the Irish Hiking Scarf Knit Along. Thanks for stopping by.

Make Your Own Yarn Organizer

A yarn organizer is something that all crafters need and desire. Whether you are doing Fair Isle knitting , or any color stranding project in either craft of crochet or knitting. If you need more than one color to make your project you want your yarn to stay in place and not rolling around the floor.

Instead of buying a pre made Yarn Organizer I came up with this idea for a homemade organizer. I bought a set of two 8qt containers with lids .

You may notice that I made five holes through the lid. I used a big screw of about 1/4 inch in diameter or more to go through the lid to make the holes. You may use 00 sand paper and a pencil to soften the holes and make the circumference smooth so the yarn does not snag. It is not perfect , but with care and patience you can have your own homemade Yarn Organizer. I guess any Tupperware or pitcher container will be good as well, but if you are looking for something bigger the you either buy something on the store or make your own. This gives me t…

Recycled Sari Yarns

I received my shipment from the Gamma Quadrant of Sari Silk Yarn . I had to share this with you as it is one of the most beautiful yarns that I have ever bought. Recycled Sari Yarns are undoubtedly the most unique yarns you will ever encounter. Silk thrums from India's weaving mills are handspun by women's cooperatives and cottage industries into gleaming silk skeins. Using their traditional skills they are able to create vibrant, textured yarn in a endless array of colorways. Each Recycled Silk skein is handspun creating natural inconsistencies and a rather scrappy nature; to make any project, no matter how simple in design, instantly charming and unique. I got this yarn from these two stores and this Seller not a Store Remember they are auctions and the Rules of Acquisitionnumber 3 says :" Never pay more for an acquisition than you have to!"

When you purchase this yarn you are …

I felt like the way it Felt

I got this magazine yesterday and I have embarked in some reading for the weekend. I may do some felting next week. Interweave Felt Special edition is a great read and it has plenty of projects and ideas. I just made a 2 Year subscription to the Interweave Knits, from Interweave Press. I liked the magazine and it is better to get a two year subscription, you save some money.

As you know I have been buying Hand Dyed Wool Yarn from Ebay. The store name is and the yarn is good for felting in my opinion. Some of the colors are not exactly as shown, so pick carefully. Still all the wool I gotten there is of great quality. The guy Ships fast and always has something for sale. It was worth my try and I will be buying from him in the future.

I have some works in progress as you know, and the green hat got frogged and recasted again with one more inch of stitches for a more comfortable fit. Sometimes in knitting or crocheting you have to frog an item, ( fro…

Circular Needles and some Lime

No is not a Tequila drink. Circular Needles and some Lime colored yarn, that is what I am ralking about. This is my first attempt at using two circular needles to make a hat. I am having such a great time as I am making the Hat in this cool Lime Green from Lion Brand. It is cotton and should be nice for the San Francisco Summer

At the begining I had no idea of what to do, but thanks to a visual tutorial from the internet from this website. Look around through the menus and pages and you are likely to find a lot of things that will guide you and help you in your knitting.

I was able to visually see what it was I was suppose to be doing. I then adapted the technique to my own way of knitting. It gave me the vision of what it will be like to be doing socks with this method.

This cotton is not the best material to do in cables, but since I am starting , I wanted a rougher material than merino wool. I am planning to make a scarf and a s…

Warrior Hat Completed

Here is the hat Washed and blocked. So what happened to the Hat? It fits perfectly. I like the way it looks and feels. It has a very randomized pattern in the border. What I called the Brim is where the pattern goes out with a front post single crochet. That stitch is made by crocheting a stitch in a horizontal way. Here after the first Horizontal Row of Heather Brown I alternated each color, but I made the single crochets in the other direction by turning the hat inside out on purpose. The Pattern it is very randomized and it actually looks nice. It was followed by another Heather row, one Fire Prairie Row and the last Row in Heather, on the last Row I did another Horizontal front post single crochet. So what does it give you?

At least to me it gives me this fancy border that looks like a finished product. Sometimes I use a reversed single crochet border to finish hats. I do this as I see hats all around this city, from $11 to 60 or so, hand made in crochet and knit, but mostly mass …

Warrior's Hat Update and some Yarn

Today I went to my client to test the hat on his head. I was a great Fit. I have never worked with Lamb's Pride for a hat and I was at a point that I could undo one or two inches without losing the design I have already created. I decide to do this before it got too big.

During the test I saw that I will be needing a 4 to 5 inch brim from this point. The choices of colors is alternating colors , a ribbing like in knitting, maybe I will knit it . It will be in both colors, maybe alternating colors or maybe something else. I will let the yarn tell its story. So far the yarn has told me lots.

Here is some wool in very bright spring colors, it actually is like Easter or they can be for baby items. You can also make some felted Hot Pads or make some Coasters, a Tea cozy? I was a little disappointed because the colors are more bright than I expected, but the yarn is really good. This material is definitely great for felting, even though I have not felted with it. I will take…

A Warrior's Hat!

I have taken a little break from my Knitting and embarked on a journey through the stars to the Klingon Home world, Qo'noS , to get inspiration for this Skull Cap or hat. It embodies the Klingon Trifold Insignia. This is the start of the Hat. I am using Lamb's Pride Worsted, 85% wool, 15% Mohair. I am carrying the yarn along. I am using the Brown Heather and Prairie Fire colors from this bunch.

The second picture shows you the story of the hat. I find that carrying the yarn along gives me a lot of freedom to be creative in my endeavor. Creating a one of a kind hat is one of the biggest pleasurable endeavors that I take. It is amazing to see the story the wool and the hat are trying to tell you. I will tell you more later on this week. This hat is to be a form fit. This wool does not stretch much, but if you want a hat that fits to a T this is a good choice and a great quality material for that.

Part of me wants to make it really big and felt it. I will refrain from such endeavor…

Bumble Bee Pot Holder Free Pattern©

Bumble Bee Hot Pad ©Crafty Andy * There is a Free Pattern at * This pattern was born out of the necessity of wanting a Bumble Bee Hotpad aka Pot Holder. I found nothing like this on the net so I decided to create one. Enjoy the pattern and if you have any comments or something is not right or misspelled let me know. This is done for the love of Crochet and the fun it brings to me life. Please sign by adding a comment to this blog posting.

Materials : 2 oz of Cotton Worsted Weight Yellow
2 oz of Cotton Worsted Weight Black
Some White, Red and brown yarn for face
G or H Crochet Hook

This whole pattern is made in sc crochet stitch, using two strands of yarn all the time. You may carry unused yarn along the work or just cut and switch to the new color as you go. The pattern is starting at the stinger Row 1 suggested coloring is à3 Rows black, 3 Rows yellow, 3 Rows black, 3 Rows yellow, 2 Rows black, 4 Rows yellow, 8 Rows black, 4 Rows yellow,4 Rows black, 3 Rows yellow, 7 Row…

MWC Men Who Crochet Jul 07

Title: Men Who Crochet CGOA Chapter Meeting

Date: Saturday July 21, 2007
Time: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Repeats: This event repeats every month on the third Saturday.
Location: Telegraph Community Center
Street: 5316 Telegraph Avenue
City State Zip: Oakland CA 94609

This was this month's meeting, I brought some brownies to share with the group. Everybidy was fun to be around and lots of crafty people. We had a small class about doing a stitch in a different way by our Kay who is stanfing up. Kathy in the Backgroun, Me, Glenda in yellow and Peter. Peter who is the group leader.

We received a folder with last's month's How to make a Diagonal Box Stitch Square. They make sqaures for a Charity Group, each member usually donates a 12 " square a month. Inside the folder there was a lesson explaining the making of this particular Square. I will enjoy going as much as I can. I had a great time. You can find this stitch at ---> Diago…

After Some Work, you can relax!

If you have not been by my blog lately, you will not see the changes. I am adding Labels to my posts and it takes time to redo all the postings. I just did not want to do it from the beginning. I am re posting all my posts as a matter of adding labels to them. There are 246 Posts and some of them post weird, and sometimes there is a picture missing or you can not read the writing. lol! So please let me know if a pages is not right, meaning no picture or you cannot read the writing. Now having black background, black fonts will not show.

It is amazing that I have been blogging for about two years and I can see the changes in my life and the evolution of my writing skills along with my Craft. Have a drink, either a Martini or a Hot Chocolate, or Home Made Ice Tea!

Thanks for stopping by.

Cable Cycle One, Some Merino Thoughts

Well so far I have made this progress. I will do a lot more later on today. The weekend will be another story, maybe I will take Saturday off from knitting and dedicate it to crochet. This picture is the close up of the cable and you can see how it is forming. The last row is number 22 and now there is a repeat of 12 Rows until it reaches around 27 " in length. ROW 22 I have section markers, when a pattern is complex it helps to use markers as you can easily forget where you are. You can see how it is already taking the shape of the cables. I am really looking forward to doing some more work tonight and allow the work to rest. There is something fascinating about cables, and Celtic braids for that matter. I am hoping to make a cable scarf and a cable hat. I have borrowed the pattern from the Irish Hiking Scarf Knit Along. But I saw some very nifty patterns at a new place that I discovered, or rather visited. The place is Knit Picksand boy do they have great stuff. I bought some …

Karabella Yarns and A cable Update

Hi my Blogging Friends! I got these three skeins of Karabella yarn from this Ebay Store for a great price, the link is here , it was a great price and the shipping was reasonable. There is more where that came from.

I find that Ebay Sellers have great yarn for sale, yet you have to read very carefully their shipping descriptions and their return or exchange policy description. I try to go for 98 to 100% feedback Sellers,but I am not that obsessed with perfection. If there are negatives or neutrals in their feedback, I read it and determine my risk factor. Someone who has a money back guarantee minus the shipping, wins my heart, but how they handle problems tells you how great of a seller they are.

Hopefully they will not make you go by the Rules of Acquisitionfrom the Ferengi Alliance, hopefully they will not follow the Rules of Acquisition # 1 "Once you have their money . . . you never give it back. lol! Seriously "Never pay more for an ac…

Mr. DeMille, I am ready for my Close up!

Pardon the dust while remodeling and upgrading this blog to the 21st Century, I think it will be a lot of fun, but lots of work. You will enjoy the same quality of writing, but a difference in colors and more of a Zen Look. We will be able to have polls and other gadgets. It will be fun, but learning more HTML and Pascal, which it seems to be the language behind some of the stuff will take a bit of my time.

In the meantime you can see that I am ready for some serious Crocheting and Knitting. Here is a picture of my Halloween Costume that I have purchase and is getting customized to my liking. Is never too early for Christmas or Halloween! lol!

So I will start in the next few days by upgrading the Template among things. Pardon our dust in the meantime! Thanks for stopping by!

Christmas in July 2007 and then some!

Christmas in July? It seems like it, I decided this year to get my Yarn way ahead of time so that I can start making stuff for the Holidays. I will be working in multiple projects at the same time, but the will have deadlines for my own sake. lol! Otherwise I will be with so many UFOs that nobody will be able to save me from myself. Nevertheless I have these creative urges to get rid of some yarn by making something.

Where did I get it? I got this Hand Dyed Wool from Ebay and the seller is , I can tell you that this picture does no justice to this wool. I will definitely be buying some of my wool from this Store. I got a good deal and look forward to doing business again in the near future. Well it really made feel like the Holidays are very close. I don't know about you, but I would spread Holiday Joy all year long.

I am one of those people who loves Christmas, and I don't let anyone give me any Grinch stories, what is the saying bahamba!…

Purl one,Knit One ,start a sweater , Just One!

I find the ribbing stitch to be one of the most beautiful stitches in knitting craft. You are probably asking yourself what am I talking about, right? I hate making that ribbing P1, K1, then on and on and on until you finish the row, then do the opposite K1, P1. Unless you are in circular needles and that is another story. With circular needles you have the choice of doing the same stitch over and over again without the need of turning the work.

Here you see my hands halfway through the back ribbing. That is for the back of the sweater. This will be the same sweater I made 10 years Ago, but with different materials and different color combination.. I am not going to disclose the material used at this time, because some people seem to get biased by materials. I think the material will do just fine. It could be cotton, wool, acrylic or a combination blend. This will be my first Knit Sweater in 10 Years.

The pattern that I will be using is made of 3 sets of cables (the Same Cable) and the …

Knitted Four Panel Afghan Completed

Before and After I finally finished the making of this new Afghan in less than two months after it was unwound. It is made in Paton's Yukon , with size 15 needles. This textured Afghan is made in four panels , each panel is comprised of 28 stitches. The panel is started and ended with a Garter Stitch. The Garter stitch is the textured fabric that you make by knitting every row. Doing this will make you be able to have a piece of fabric that does not curl and that it is easy to put together when you are assembling them together. Starting and ending with 4 K stitches leaves you with 2 sets of 10 stitches to process or 20. I did love math in school even though I found it boring, lol! The pattern idea is simple k4 *(P1, K9),( P9, K1)* k4 and from this basic pattern you continue to increase and decrease the particular set of stitches in this manner like K4, P2,K8,P8, K2, K4 ... until you have K4, P10, K10, K4, then you reverse the stitch like K4 , K10, P10, K4 ... until you have K4, P10…

The Crochet Border

So after careful consideration and upon pondering on it for some time, I decided to go with this simple border. The border is comprised of a row of single crochet, followed by a row of double crochet, with 3 double crochet at each corner. The space in between double crochet stitches is the result of skipping one stitch, doing a double crochet, then returning to the previously skipped stitch and do a double crochet.

Remember that there are four colors to this Afghan, so I decided to use the same color as the knitted panel. This way it will not look weird. I did start to do a different combination and permutations and more combinations and did not like the looks of it, so here it is almost ready for the showcase. Thanks for stopping by.

2007 Recycled Afghan sewn together

As you have been following the frogging story of the Recycled Afghan, here us the Original Picture, you can see how different it was from what it is becoming. I have been knitting this time and the crocheted afghan is no more. You don't believe me, well check the 2007 Recycled Afghan left over yarn and you will be amazed, I certainly was at how much work it is to do this frogging for the sake of recycling.

Nevertheless I did my task and now I have finished the knitted part of the afghan, now it needs assembling. My favorite way of assembling any kind of knitting project is usually crocheting it he tow parts together. You take a loop from one side and then the other as the picture above shows and you do a single crochet. In my opinion it looks very professional and well finished. One drawback is if you skipped a row, lol!, it would not be very even. I made sure I was not in a hurry, and that I was undisturbed while I was doing my work, I got my counter, by hand and mechanical as wel…

Recycling Plastic Bags?

This is a link that I share in my group. This lady which I met by another link in aa group has so many ideas of what to do with Plastic bags and other materials. If you want to make a Tote bag to carry your groceries what better than a bag made out of recycled shopping bags!
This is one of the examples of a Tote made with recycled bags. Below is another example of another eco-tote bag. Think of the possibilities! This lady also teaches you how to make the yarn that you need to make this items here are some tips and instructions that you will be able to appreciate -->

Here is the link , I will say this, I am more than ever committed to reduce my oil (petroleum) . Petroleum (Latin Petroleum derived from Greek πέτρα (Latin petra) - rock + ἔλαιον (Latin oleum) - oil) or crude oil is a naturally occurring liquid found in formations in the Earth consisting of a complex mixture of h…