Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Crochet Bear Head is born, Madison

Today I am showing you Madison's head. One thing that you need, which is very important,but that many people forget to include in their instructions is?, Your Stitch Marker. A friend of mine, Deneen from gave me some beautiful Stitch markers, they were so beautiful and hand made that I decided not use them. They are instead safely guarded in a Jewel box of mine.

ADid you know that a jewel-box is a receptacle for trinkets, not only jewels. It may take a very modest form, covered in leather and lined with satin, or it may reach the monumental proportions of the jewel cabinets which were made for Marie Antoinette, one of which is at Windsor, and another at Versailles, the work of Schwerdfeger as cabinetmaker, Degault as miniature-painter, and Thomire as chaser. My Jewel box is not that grandiose, but I thought the information about it was. I thank you for allowing me to indulge. Needless to say I am using the plastic ones as you can see from my previous posting, , these acutrements, i.e. Stitch markers are great tools to have when doing your crochet or your kniting.

This bear can be made completely out of thread, that includes nose, eyes and jooints. I have decided to make it in my own way and see what it looks like to make a stuffed animal with parts, like the 18mm eyes and the 18mm nose. Each of these parts have two parts. The outside part and the part that is used to fastened it. It is a washer like part that will slide easily to snap in place, but it is hard to get out to move. The trick is to just place the part where you want it and once you are satisfied snap the washer in place. You can get these parts at any craft store, but I use parts made by Darice .

I usually get mine at Joann's Fabrics in 75 Colma Boulevard, Colma, California 94014. It is one of the few strip Malls that I enjoy going It is always a great place to go and have fun looking.

The instructions for the head where very clear. The head is to be made in two parts, i.e. front and back. I don't know if it will make it easier to put the facial parts on it, but I decided to continue the instructions as if the head , (Front and Back) were to be made at once from the same set of instructions. I did not want to deal with the notion of putting a head together. LOL!

I had to improvise a little, as decreasing to close the back is not in the instructions. It was 14 stitches on the round when I started to stuff the head. I put on the nose first, when I was satisfied with the placement I locked it. I proceeded to put the eyes on and fine a central place for them. Once the head was fluffy I proceeded to lock the faceware in place and to continue stuffing the head while drecreasing the stitches until only 3 were left. At this time I finished the head.

I will continue with the ears and that will be able to give you another picture before the weekend is here. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May Crochet Bear

Hey There! Did you think that I had dissappeared? I have been very busy in many projects, some of them in knitting and some in crocheting. Talking about Crochet, I have started to make this jointed bear. I am using a Pattern I bought from , the direct link to the particular pattern is . I am making some modifications to the pattern on my own as I am learning to use different things. Is neither good nor bad, it is just different. So here we go to the start of the Madison Jointed stuffed Teddy Bear.
I am also testing this new software I got to manipulate graphics in Vista. As always some programs do not work any more and some work with limited capabilities. I hope you enjoy my journey in constructing a Jointed Stuffed Bear.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just Knit and Purl once more!

I have been fighting with my graphics programs and finally finding one that work was not an easy task. I ended up having to learn how to use Photoshop to make a collage. I am still in the infancy of learning and will get better as time goes by.

Photodraw was a great program to use, but It has a problem with Vista, or rather Vista has issues with it. I have other programs , but they do not work as well. It will take some time for me to work with these programs to create some fun.

So in this picture at the top you see the way I Knit, and the bottom half is the way I purl. So far I have made 2.50 Panels of the 4 Panels I want to make for this afghan. One thing is for sure, this afghan is going to get a simple crochet edge, maybe one row, maybe three. I feel very good about the fact that I am able to knit once more even though I need to take breaks between knits. I think that I will have this Afghan done withint the next two weeks.

I do have some crochet endeavors in the working , two stuffed bears and maybe a scarf, maybe a totebag. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just yarn!

The secrets of yarn. You know even though people say that you require less yarn to knit something than to crochet, you have to be careful. If you are knitting something with cables, you will probably need more yarn than if you crocheted the item, or if you just knit it in a very simple Knit one row , Purl one row combination.

Here you have the mystery yarn that is no longer a mystery. It is Plymouth YUKON Yarn, Made from 35% mohair, 35% wool, and 30% acrylic, it is not a bad yarn but it sheds like crazy, yet it is so cozy. I have already started the making of the new afghan of my own design. It is inspired in a Quilting design. It will be made in strips or panels, it will be either 3 panels or 4. Why don't you know yet?, You may ask; The answer is very simple my friends. I have not decided wether I am going to make it a Log Cabin design or if I am going to make it a Three or Four vertical Panels design.

When I am done with the first Section, (the first Panel, will be made of 28 Stitches on # 15 needles, about 3 stitches per inch is the gauge), I will then decide how to proceed with the rest of the afghan in the making. Later on I will post pictures of the way I do a knit stitch and a purl stitch.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Recycling an Afghan in 2007

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers that visit my blog.

I know I have not been very active. My mind has been busy creating what my hands have not been doing. This afghan is made in tc crochet and it is made with some kind of very thick yarn that has some mohair in it. The yarn is very soft and has a look of rasta-like yarn . Expensive this project was , I spent about $200.00 in materials alone. There is no way that I am going to throw it away, when I get bored with it.

This afghan was made around March 2004, and now in May 2007 is being frogged and will be remade into a different afghan. I will be making it as a knit afghan. I will like to request the opinion of the guys and gals that stop by. I need your ideas as to pattern suggestions, wether they be knit or crochet.

This afghan is great but I do believe that the material is better for single crochet or for knitting. Talking about knitting is certainly a great ideal as I can make panels. Just knowing that I will need 1/3 less yarn that crocheting guarantees the fact that I will have more than enough yarn for my new project.

It will be something new and somthing old, the mysteries of craftmanship. Thanks for stopping by.

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