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Coral Beach

Here is my third Afghan for the Year in Memory of Scott. I have to take advantage of when I have energy and no pain and I will now take at least a month break in making afghans. My goal is to make one per month in memory of my beloved friend. I am also working on other simple things that I will be able to share with you. I want to thank you for stopping by.

I also want to thank everyone who wrote me about my vacation picture and how they enjoy travelling with me. For me it was a great experience to share my life with the world and then some. I have encrypted all my logs so that the cylons don't get my location.

May the Gods smile on you.

Emerald Ocean

This is another Afghan that I have made in Scott's memory this Month. So far this has been a very easy to make afghan and can be done in three days or so. I am aiming at cutting the yarn I have from him in half by the time the summer gets here and donate all afghans to charity in his name. I am thinking of him as I make them , it is impossible not to, but nevertheless is fun.

Thanks for stopping by and remember not to be complainers. What I mean by that is in no way to curtail you from complaiing, but from being a non action complainer. Do something for the sake of the Gods and don't just lay there like you deserve the whole galaxy. Whining in my book is so uncalled for.

Well I hope to be able to make more pretty stuff for you to see and for people to enjoy. It is by choice and dedication thatI a doing this in Scott's name. Have a great week and come back soon.

Purple Trellis

This a lapghan in memory of J. Scott Hooper Jr. It's the beginning of a series of projects I am hoping to make in his name. This Lapghan will be donated to the Shanti Group for people with AIDS.

On the other hand, I am also participating or having a Crochet-Along for the 63 Easy Crochet Squares that I think is a great asset to any crochetter that wants to refine the art of crochet. This will be held at . If you feel inclined to join, you just neet a .NET passport account.

Puerto Rico Vacation Part Six

I just love walking by the beach and breathing the fresh ocean air. The Sun felt so nice and gentle on my skin. The sand under my feet was a remembrance of times past. All my aches and pains were almost gone, on a scale of one to 1o , ten being the most pain, I had one. Very little discomfort from my joints, bones and it was easier to breathe. Of course the air is warmer and easier to breathe. I never used the water heater while I was there, that was very nice.

I used to live in one of those condos behind me, and I got to be in one of them for this vacation.
Time seemed to stop while I was on that rock. I was just engulfed in the pure hedonistic pleasures of indulgence with the environment. I was one with the waves and the rocks, the sands and I were one. It was like the sand knew what it was to be sea and the sea knew what it was to be sand. My life was been shown on a movie screen as I evaluated my life till that day. I was pleased. I could meet my Gods in peace if that was the case. …

Puerto Rico Vacation Part Five

This building atop this city wall that you see here is the Governor's Mansion or "La Fortaleza", The Fortress. San Juan was founded in 1521, the city is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever seen in the world. It's the city I called home and so many wonderful memories.

Here as well we can see the wall that surrounds the Island Capital of Puerto Rico.
The whole city is surrounded by this wall and it has strategically placed entrances around the walls. It was almost impossible to invade and it sustained plenty of attacks from foreign pirates sent by governments to grasp the Island of Puerto Rico for it's strategic value, it is at the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico and of course the first big island that has the caribbean Sea at it's reach.

This picture that you see if two generations of my nieces, the young lady jsut graduated from Law School is my niece, and the little lady is my niece's niece or my great niece. She is the most adorable little gir…

Puerto Rico Vacation Part Four

This is the view from one of the Balconies of the Seralles Castle. It is actually a big house, but somehow it got designated a castle. WE arrived almost at closing but were able to get the tour and took some pictures . Here is the entrance of the Castle-House.

The entrance is by the garage which is a coffee and souvenir shop. There is also at this moment a Barbie and Gi-Joe exhibition. WHy is it there it is beyond my comprehension, but it was there.

So that was the trip for that day and afterwards we went up the Turnpike toward home.

The Turnpike is very impressive as it cuts through the Sierra of the Island which divided the Island practically in two.

From the Seralles House you can see this Cross which is a landmark of some kind and they explained what it was, but I did not pay attention to it. Needless to say it has something to do with the christian religion. Puerto Rico is a mostly catholic , but other religions are able to flourish as well. There is after all freedom to worship and …

Puerto Rico Vacation Part Three

We kept going along to the rest of the Island where we went tothe Cemi Museum, from the Taino Indians. A Cemi is a representation of their deities. The museum is small , but it is just a place of history. Here you will see a ceremonial ring that they will use as a belt for some kind of game. Just know that it looks heavy and who knows what kind of game it was, but I bet the loser did not have a good time.

Here is another picture of some artifacts that the Chief carried that denoted power, well the long stick is about 12 to 14 inches long and I will leave it at that. The power of men seems to always be attached to phallic objects no matter what culture is addressed, I guess the chief will have a fast red car these days.

There are many more indian ceremonial parks and artifacts throught out the Island. The indians became part of our blood genetics, but the indians themselves dissappeared due to slavery and western diseases like chickenpox et cetera.

Most puertorricans have in their gene po…

Puerto Rico Vacation Part Two

So the vacation continued, our tour took us through the mountains and we visited the "Written Rock". This rock is full of petroglyphs, on the upper region there are plenty petroglyphs from pre-columbian times. This river is called "Saliente". I was very excited and very honored to be able to experience this with my niece and sister.

From this area we continue our travellings to the highest peak of the island in the same town of Jayuya, Cerro de Punta. Here is another picture. all of the Island's main comunication network have something up here as it is the highest peak and is on the middle of the Island.

So after being here and considering that low 70's was getting cold, we went down the road and found this beautiful falls called el charco de Doña Juana.

We have not finished our travellings, we continued on to the north toward the west of the Island to visit the Rincon Lighthouse where surfers hang Ten.

So here I am in front of the light house and our journey …

Puerto Rico Vacation Part One

I arrived at 10 AM and here is where I will be staying for one week, at my sister's beach condo.
WooHoo!!! This is my sister, not a great picture, but here we are. I got one of those Ritz Cameras disposable digital cameras, not the best cameras and the worst developing you can imagine. 10 thumbs down to Ritz and Wolf camera for their terrible product, don't buy it. Next time I will buy Kodak disposable digital cameras and see if it is worth the money.

So the flight was a mess from San Francisco. I think that next time I will take ear plugs just in case the same situation happens. Well a child decided to cry every 30 minutes on the nose, no one slept a minute.

After I arrived we went to the old city, or like it's called the Old San Juan. This city was founded in 1521. The weather was so nice, all my aches and pains due to cold weather were gone for once. We spent two to three hours walking and we decided to have lunch at the Patio de Sam, and old cafe that the regulars go. The…

Qa'plaH it's a Tattoo

Next week I will have so many pictures you will not believe it. I will keep you busy with my travelings and wonders of Puerto Rico.

I went on vacation to my native Puerto Rico and got tattooed by a Klingon Artist , El Fibs, 5900 Isla Verde Ave, # L-4, Isla Verde Puerto Rico.


Andy's 7 Meme

The 7 Meme

A. Seven things to do before I die

1. Spend some time in Europe.
2. Learn a third language.
3. Unfold more of my spiritual gifts.
4. Sky Dive.
5. Meet people from other planets.
6. Travel into Space.
7. Find Kobol and the yellow brick road.

B. Seven things I cannot do

1. Travel at warp speed.
2. Poligamy.
3. Go back in time.
4. Bring back the dead.
5. Be in two places at once, or can I?
6. Talk to animals, can you imagine?
7. Become heterosexual.

C. Seven things that attract me ....

1. Tattoos, they are fascinating.
2. Space Travel, I want to see what's out there.
3. Food, I am a Taurus after all.
4. Klingons, they are spiritual Warriors. .
5. Scott Bakula, Kevin Sorbo: I Like blonde or dark hair hairy men.
6. Philosophy, just because I am an intellectual.
7. Fishtanks, is like having a piece of nature in your livingroom.

D. Seven things I say most often

1. Stupidity should be taxed.
2. Thank you!
3. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!
4. No matter where you go there you are.
5. Hello.
6. Is that a phaser in your p…

On Vacation to Puerto Rico

I am going on vacation to my Home State of Puerto Rico, the cylons have not been there yet. Don't worry I will start my jump clock and wait for 33 minutes. May the Gods of Kobol have mercy on our souls.

63 Easy Crochet Squares Crochet-Along

Yes there is a Crochet-Along going on at our group at . If you will like to join our group , don't click on the Icon above and join, click on the dark red link; you will need a Net Passport account. When you join put a little message letting us know a little bit about yourself and your craft. Come and share your craft with us at Crochet Depot and you will see what a great experience it is.
We have this Crochet-Along going on and there will be prizes.

There is another group in the internet, this time is for Men with Needles, at
This is a group and is for men that want to share their crafts, we drink beer, or root beer in our underwear without having to worry about offending anyone. We can watch football while crocheting or kniting, and have fun. We are a tidy bunch I can tell you that much. LOL.

Anyway thank you for stopping by and don't forget Battlestar Galactica second season starts Janu…

How Gay are you?

As you can tell the Movie BrokeBack Mountain has created a new trend of quizzes in the nation. This test is very interesting and I will leave it at that. You should take the test if you are so incline to see How Gay are you? LOL. It's for entertainment purposes only. At least I got entertained!

You scored as The all-round cute gay guy.

You are a cute guy who many would die to be with..........lucky!!

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What type of Gay are YOU?
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The Sorting Hat

Want to Get Sorted?

I'm a Ravenclaw!

Happy 2006!!!

To all my relations Happy New Year, wishing you happiness, joy, abundance, chocolate and may we all Live long and Prosper in 2006.